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There Are Several Reasons For Investing In Spanish Property

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Spain is probably the most popular overseas tourist destination for UK residents. It is not too far away – only a couple of hours flight – yet it has unbelievable hours of sunshine every year in the South on the Mediterranean coast. Would you believe more than 320 days a year? Who would swap that for life on the North Yorkshire moors in February? No wonder it is so popular.

Many British tourists decide to go and live in the sun there after 40 years of working for a living. There are golf courses that are a major attraction in the area, and the people are friendly and welcoming. The food is superb, and the restaurants are cheap, certainly when compared with the UK. The overall cost of living is quite a lot less too. What’s not to like?

Even if you are not ready to retire there yet, Southern Spain is a great place to invest in a holiday home, whether a villa or an apartment. Why? Simply because so many people in the UK do go there for their annual two weeks away and they don’t want to stay in a hotel. And it’s not just Britons who go there either. Many people from North America and Canada choose to go to Spain for their holidays as well.

What that means for you as an investor is that you can buy an apartment or villa, go out there whenever you choose for a break, and for the rest of the year let it out as a holiday rental. It is pretty likely that it will be booked for every week that you are not using it yourself, so not only do you have a property that is increasing in value, you also have a steady income from it every year in the meantime. Not only that, if you decide to retire there yourself eventually, you can sell your home in the UK and simply pocket the proceeds, because a few years of renting out your Spanish home will have paid for that too, so you can retire in peace.

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