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Right Now is the ideal time to purchase an Alicante Villa

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Let’s face it: Coronavirus / Covid-19 – or whatever you choose to call it – has had an incredible impact on all our lives. That’s not just here in Britain, but across the world. Only a few countries have had a very minor outbreak, New Zealand being one.

However, the simple fact is that while life may never quite return to what we regard as “normal” for a little while yet, nonetheless it will go on. People will return to work, shops will open, and we may even be able to go to the pub for a drink shortly. Even that is less than a month away.

It may be a little way off, but scientists will find a vaccine and we will think of it no more than we think today of measles – a killer in its’ heyday.

In not too many weeks’ time, people will be looking forward to going on holiday once more, and, of course, one of the most popular destinations will once again be Spain. Many of those coming up to retirement age will be considering living out their lives in the sun, and Spain is probably the first choice much of the time because of the low cost of living, the constant sun, the lovely Mediterranean temperatures, the food, and the general laid-back attitude of the Spanish.

If you are one of those considering a retirement home, or perhaps a holiday home, one of the finest cities in Southern Spain is Alicante. And now is going to be the very best time to buy.


Because Spain, along with Britain and Italy, has had a high rate of Coronavirus and it has put many people off considering a home there – even though the pandemic has been just as bad here. The result is that Spanish housing prices are dropping, so if you are quick you can pick up a real bargain!

At BeckettHanlon we have a great choice of Alicante villas for sale at knock-down prices, so whether you want a retirement home or a holiday villa which you can let out when you are not using it yourself and make a great rental income, the next few weeks provide you with an incredible opportunity.

So now is your chance! Click on the Contact link at the top of the page and let us know your requirements and we will find you the perfect Alicante villa for your needs.

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