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If you are Thinking about an Overseas Property Investment, NOW is the Time!

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As we bounce back from Covid-19, at BeckettHanlon we are receiving more and more enquiries from UK residents who have been sharp enough to spot something that many people haven’t realised.

That is very simply, we are already into July and if you want to be able to holiday in Spain or Portugal in your own holiday home during the winter, when temperatures there are much better than here and the sun it still shining most of the time, then now is the time to search for the right property.

Government guidelines state that you are subject to a temperature check and visual health check on arrival in Spain and you must provide mandatory contact information and report any history of exposure to Covid-19 in the 48 hours prior to travel. On arrival in mainland Portugal you will be subject to health screening. So for all practical purposes, if you are looking for a villa for sale in Spain or perhaps an apartment for sale in Portugal you can go and check those properties over in the same way as always.

The fact is, plain and simple, life will gradually get back to normal. People who always go to Spain for their two weeks will very shortly begin to start booking their holidays there again. Yes, we have had a period such as nobody alive today has ever seen before, but Spanish flu  actually resulted in a lot more fatalities, yet it didn’t stop people from going on holiday, even if in those days they had to go by boat.

The same thing is going to happen now. Coronavirus is already disappearing as a result of lockdown. There may be a recurrence again later in the year, but such things happen every year with various flu viruses. It is just that this one has been worse than the normal flu epidemics that we get. In five years’ time, Coronavirus will be a distant memory.

At BeckettHanlon we have been finding the right properties in Spain and Portugal for our UK clients for over 20 years so if you are looking for a property for sale in either country we have the team with the expertise to help you.

Investing in a property around the Mediterranean right now is certainly going to beat investing in stocks, so if you want to stay ahead of the curve, talk to us now about your requirements and let us find the perfect property for you!

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