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Cabopino Is An Ideal Coastal Town For Retirement

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Cabopino is on the coast of Spain almost exactly halfway between Marbella and Fuengirola and is an ideal place for retirement. There are several new-build developments near to the beach and the main coast road, and they are high quality yet affordable. This has resulted in a sizeable number of British, Irish, and other North Europeans making it their retirement home and has created a definite sense of community.

There is a huge beach which is very wide and stretches for several kilometres, and it is ideal for families who just want to sunbathe and build sandcastles, but also sees a lot of beach sports such as volleyball, football, and frisbee taking place. There are also a lot of joggers and speed walkers, but there is plenty of room on the beach for all. It wouldn’t be the Mediterranean if there were not a lot of surfers as well. In addition, there are a number of popular beach restaurants close by, specialising, as you might guess, in seafood.

The port itself is not all that large, as it sits in a naturally sheltered harbour, so large yachts do not come here because they cannot get in. As a resident, you would probably think of this as a blessing. However, the port is popular with holidaymakers because fishing trips and dolphin-watching trips take place from here. There are also some lovely bars here as well.

There is a plaza, but it is quite small and only has some small shops and boutiques. For most things, you need to go to Marbella, which is only about 13 kilometres drive away. Evening entertainment in Cabopino is mostly fine dining, and there are some excellent restaurants.

At BeckettHanlon we have properties for sale in the town in some of the new developments, so if you are looking for a Cabopino villa for sale we can help you. Many of our clients are looking for properties to buy as an overseas investment, and Cabopino can be a very good choice because it is popular with holidaymakers, so it is easy to rent out when you don’t want to use it yourself. Alternatively, you might want to buy a villa for retirement and join the many other British expats who live there.

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