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Alicante: One of the Most Beautiful Cities in Southern Spain

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Alicante is one of the most beautiful cities in Southern Spain and a mecca for tourists who flock here all year round to enjoy the sun, the beaches, the shopping, and the nightlife. The town is very easy to get to as it has its’ own airport only a 15-minute drive away, and there are always plenty of things to see and do.

One very good way to spend a day is to visit the island of Tabarca just off the coast. It has a picturesque little town of whitewashed houses and a historic old church. There is a restaurant and shop on the island, but they get a little expensive during the summer so it’s better to take a picnic. There is a beach and also a little coastal path which you can take a walk on to find the perfect picnic spot. Getting to the island is easy, as there are boats which run from the harbour every day.   

Another day trip is up the mountain to the Santa Barbara Castle which sits above the town. If you are feeling energetic there is a long winding path which takes you up to the castle gates, where entry is free. However, there is also a lift which you can use. The castle was built around the 9th century and has a history of warfare, but it is perfectly preserved. Climb up to the ramparts where there are spectacular views and on a clear day you can make out the Moroccan coast in the distance. In the courtyard there is a market selling souvenirs and trinkets, and there is a café where you can get a meal.

The main promenade in Alicante is the Explanada de Espana and is pretty hard to miss. Take a stroll down there in the evening when there are market stalls with jewellery, purses, bags, rugs, and more. There are also plenty of cafes and bars.

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