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Alicante Is A Great City For Property Investment

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Alicante is a superb city in Southern Spain and is the port for Madrid, located, as it is, right on the coast. It was founded by the Greeks in 325 BC and was captured by the Romans in 201 BC who renamed it Lucentum – City of Light. From 718 AD to 1249 AD it was under Moorish domination and called Al-Akant. It was later incorporated into the kingdom of Aragon and was besieged by the French in 1709 and by the Federalists of Cartagena in 1873, so you could say that it has had a somewhat chequered history.

Some notable landmarks include the Church of Santa Maria which dates from the 14th century, the Baroque Town Hall which dates from 1701 – 1760, and the Church of San Nicolas de Bari which is 18th century.

The city is overlooked by the Castle of Santa Barbara at 1,000 feet high, and from which there are views for many miles around. The city has a local population of 322,000 but many more people visit for holidays.

In fact, Alicante would be a great city in which to invest if you are considering overseas property investments, as there are always Alicante apartments for sale, and with a steady stream of tourists year-round they would bring in continual rents at rates far greater than you could let to local residents.

Not only does Alicante enjoy sun for around 320 days of the year, but it is warm in summer and has a mild winter climate. The city has some wonderful parks, great beaches, and huge plazas. It is also a shopper’s paradise with almost endless stores of all types.

Close by is Las Colinas Golf and Country Club where we can provide apartments for sale from around 250,000€ set in a community of 330 hectares (over 800 acres).

In the centre of Alicante there are hundreds of bars and restaurants, many of which have outside terraces, so you can sit and enjoy a drink or a meal and watch the world going by. There is also a wonderful marina with sleek yachts moored there, more stylish bars, and a casino as well if you want to try your luck.

If you are considering Alicante apartments for sale, you should give us a call at BeckettHanlon, because we always have a choice of them in the best areas of the city. We have over 20 years’ experience of real estate in Alicante so we can find the right property for you.

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