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Alicante Is A Great Choice For An Investment Or Retirement Home

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While it might seem strange, since we have had Coronavirus, at BeckettHanlon we have had an increase in the number of people in the UK looking for property in Spain, both for investment purposes and as a holiday or retirement home. It seems that while people have been in lockdown they have had time to re-appraise their lives and considered that moving to a country with a more laid-back way of life, combined with fabulous Mediterranean weather, might be a good move – literally.


Certainly, we have had a number of enquiries for Alicante villas for sale. Alicante is the capital city of Alicante Province on the Costa Blanca and is a port with a population of about 360,000, and the airport is only 12 kms away, which makes it very easy to get to from the UK, or for that matter, anywhere else.

Alicante has an old town, Barrio de la Santa Cruz, which is full of whitewashed houses in narrow streets, covered with flowers in flowerpots – often a shade of deep blue – hanging on the walls, and which has a distinct Spanish charm about it.

High above the city is the Castillo de Santa Barbara on a hilltop, and which was built at some time in the 9th century. There is a winding path, which is a steep climb, but if you are not in the mood for that there is a lift to the top. This is well worth a visit for the amazing views, preserved rooms full of historical artefacts, and even a market in the courtyard that sells souvenirs and trinkets.

One of the finest beaches on the Costa Blanca is the Playa del Postiguet which stretches the entire length of the city and beyond. Spend an hour or two here and it is easy to forget that you are actually in a bustling city.

Alicante also boasts possibly the finest promenade in Spain, La Explanada de Espana which was created to the design of a local architect back in 1867. It consists of no less than 6.6 million red, black, and cream tiles constructed in such a fashion as to give the impression of the rolling waves of the Mediterranean. Lined with palm trees, it is just the place for the traditional Spanish evening walk. Every evening there is a market here selling leather goods, bags, jewellery, purses, rugs, and a lot more. It is all reasonably priced, and you don’t get harassed by salespeople so you can shop at your leisure.

At BeckettHanlon we have always had a keen interest in Alicante from UK residents, but as we said it has noticeably increased in the last few weeks. We have Alicante villas for sale to suit every budget, as well as townhouses and apartments, so we have something for everyone.

If you are considering a move to the Mediterranean, Alicante could be a great choice. Talk to us and let us know your requirements: we will find the right Alicante villa for you.


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