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About Us

BeckettHanlon showcases beautiful worldwide properties for sale or investment.

Our services are comprehensive and above all, we take the time to understand the individual needs of our clients so that we can help each one find the property that meets their needs exactly.

BeckettHanlon believe in selling the right property to the right person.

Our property consultants are trained to listen to their clients, assuring that when they make the choice to buy through BeckettHanlon, it is always the right decision.

An Introduction to BeckettHanlon

BeckettHanlon is the creative unfolding of Drew Beckett’s experience and passion. It is a distillation of his 30+ years of success in the international property and investment markets, and it is a proven property franchise that shares Drew’s secrets for success and his carefully honed process for selling the right property – to the right client.

Our clients are high net-worth investors – people who take the long-term view and have the resources to maximise the opportunities we present to them. This means that our Partners are special people – motivated self-starters from all walks of life who share a common drive to create their own wealth.

Drew Beckett

There is a wise business maxim which says that in adversity, lies opportunity. I believe that in our current global property market, this sentiment has never been more true. Furthermore, the fact that you are reading this brochure suggests that you may well agree with me.

BeckettHanlon clients are serious investors. They are people who see the opportunities offered by the current property market and have the resources to exploit them. Our role is to match the right property to the right buyer.

Welcome to BeckettHanlon.
Drew Beckett